Last week, I was at the Boxhanger Platz open air food market checking out the local produce.  While waiting to buy some blueberries, I noticed that a lot of people were buying cherries.  I don’t like cherries and find them sour.  In any case, on the spur of the moment, I decided to buy the cherries. To my surprise, they were great, especially on a hot day and when mixed with fresh yogurt.  I learned some valuable lessons.  First, cherries taste good; and second, always be open to change.  In other words, be willing to reevaluate past perceptions: don’t get stuck in a mindset that prevents new experiences.

This episode also reminded me of when I saw the “The Best Years of Lives,” for the second time last year.  When I first saw the film as a teenager, I didn’t like it.  I couldn’t understand why it was considered a film classic.  Last year, I happened to be channel surfing and noticed it on TV.  I had nothing better to do, so I decide to watched a few minutes.  This time, I sat through the entire film and was amazed at its timeless quality.  I really liked the film.  Seeing it as an adult, I had an entirely different perspective.  I could see the complexities of the characters.  Something, I wouldn’t have understood as a young adult

BTW:  I could taste no difference between Maine and German blueberries!