Lost in Austen:

An engaging movie for Jane Austen fans. It’s funny and full of surprises. For the longest time, I avoided watching the movie. Then on an impulse, I decided to give it a try. I’m glad I did. If you’re not familiar with “Pride and Prejudice,” then this movie is not for you.

Let the Right One In:
Great flick from Sweden. It’s the perfect choice for Halloween!  It’s definitely not for children or the faint at heart. 

Italian for Beginners:
A charming movie from Denmark. It’s realistic yet full of life.  A feel good movie!


Three Bags Full:  A Sheep Detective Story, by Leonie Swann, translated from the German by Anthea Bell

A murder mystery solved by sheep. It’s completely original. I read it in German this past summer. A must read. I’m in the process of reading the English translation.


Sherlock (Masterpiece Mystery on PBS)

It’s not just another Sherlock Holmes. The new three-part series is a contemporary take on the father of forensic crime-solving. This Sherlock Holmes is remarkably true to the spirit of the original, an arrogant, antisocial man fixated on tiny details and deductive reasoning. I saw the first episode last night. I was expecting to be disappointed but happily surprised.