John Dye died on January 10th. The cause of death was heart failure. Mr. Dye was 47, and will be remembered for starring in the long running TV show, Touched by an Angel. The show chronicled the exploits of two female angels (played by Della Reese and Roma Downey) who were sent to earth to help people in distress. Mr. Dye portrayed Andrew, the angel of death. He would appear regularly on the show and escort a particular character to the after life.

There were two groups of people who watched the show: those who found the show inspiring and heartfelt, and those who found it campy and funny. I belonged to the latter group. No matter how improbable the events, the actors always played it straight. You had to know that deep inside, the actors were laughing. It was one of the funniest shows on the air. And, if I may add, it was even touching.