Change is inevitable – except from a vending machine.
Robert C. Gallagher

There is always something new to discover in Berlin. The city is constantly changing. New buildings go up, old buildings are renovated, and the cost of a subway ticket becomes slightly less affordable. We expect change. It’s inevitable. In fact, we are told to embrace change. We can only hope that change means improvement.

Last week when I arrived in Berlin, I was expecting change. It’s been 5 months since I was last here. Berlin isn’t a static or museum city like Paris or Venice. It changes, it grows and it has energy. It’s one of the reasons I live here. 

On the trip over, I pondered the changes that would await me. I wondered whether the apartment building down the street was finished after 2 years of renovation or whether an elevator was finally installed at my subway stop? (The steps are a killer, especially when carrying luggage.) The answer to both questions is an unfortunate no.

Nevertheless, I did find changes: those of the negative variety. My favorite cafe, Il Barista is gone and replaced by a chic bistro, my favorite sushi restaurant is now a trendy tea house, and the small bakery where I found delicious bread is all boarded up. It seems I’m a harbinger of death when it comes to commercial establishments. Places I frequent are doomed to failure. What will happen to other places I like in Berlin:  La Batea, a wonderful Spanish restaurant that serves great Tapas or Ikea? 

McDonald’s Update

Michael Montgomery sent me this link concerning the oatmeal served at McDonald’s. It seems the McDonald’s oatmeal is not so healthy!  Read the article and beware of McDonald’s oatmeal.