After 131 postings and over 2500 page views, OneFootinBerlin is one year old today. It’s been a slow start, but the audience is building. When I started the Blog, I didn’t know where it would go or what to expect.

I’ve learned what people like to read and what they don’t. Human interest stories about animals and children are the most popular. Stories about politics, the least. It turns out that the death of Polar Bear Knut, Oprah’s encounter with the Koala, and the Schultüte were among the most popular postings. You never know what people will find interesting!
The late Knut celebrating his Birthday

And while most of my audience is from the USA and Germany, a surprising number of readers come from South Korea, France, Great Britain, Israel, and Russia.
I’m often asked how much time it takes to write a posting. It varies. Some postings take as little as 5 minutes and others take over an hour. It depends on finding photos, links, and, of course, writing the post. Some days, the writing just flows; and other days, my mind is a blank.
As I look toward to the coming year, I’ve already made a few changes to the Blog’s format. I’ve added a photo of Portland Maine to the header (to reflect my connection to the city), and there’s now a sidebar with an archive of popular postings. It’s always interesting to see what other people are reading.
Over the year, OneFootinBerlin has become my online diary. It’s been an opportunity to share my thoughts. But more importantly, writing the Blog is my time to be alone and away from the complexities of daily life. In a word, the Blog is my therapy.