It’s hard to write a restaurant review, without sounding like one of those self-proclaimed cuisine experts with their indigestible “resto-lingo,” or like an article from Gourmet Magazine. I’ve almost given up on restaurant reviews altogether. Even so, I’m going to recommend Top Thai Restaurant in Portland.

A key to restaurant success is location, location, and location. Unfortunately, Top Thai is in the wrong place. There’s a tattoo parlor next door, a homeless shelter a few blocks away, and a Greyhound bus terminal down the street. If that doesn’t put you off, the restaurant sits on busy street overlooking an aging strip mall.

How did I find it? Eric and Paul stumbled on it by accident while attending the DDD Summit Conference last week. They were walking back from Radio Shack and were too tired and hungry to go to another place. Accidents sometimes have pleasant results.

Top Thai doesn’t offer haute cuisine, but it does have a good selection of dishes that are reasonably priced. It’s an example of how ordinary Thai food can be great. I recommend the steamed “Butterflies.” You can drop in and have a good meal without a lot of fuss.

The food is fresh; and Pom, the proprietor, is warm and friendly. At the moment, Pom is both the hostess and the waitress until the restaurant gets off the ground. Let me add that part of the restaurant’s appeal is Pom who is so engaging that she could sell oil to the Arabs.

Top Thai
267 Saint John Street
Portland, Me.  

Open from 11 AM – 10 PM
Closed on Sunday