Photo courtesy of the New York Daily News

When I heard this story, it sounded too far-fetched to be true, but it seems to be very well-documented. A Russian woman woke up at her funeral only to die a few minutes later from the shock at finding herself inside a coffin. The woman had been declared dead after she collapsed at her home suffering from chest pains. The funeral attendees were a bit shaken when the “dead” woman woke up and began screaming. A few minutes later, the woman had another heart attack, and this time, she was officially declared dead. The woman’s husband is now suing the hospital. 

This is not the first case where a hospital has declared someone dead only to have them wake up during their funeral. In 2009, a baby born 16-weeks premature in Paraguay was declared dead only to wake up during his funeral service several hours later. In this case, the baby survived. 

Another version of a Safety Coffin

Back in the 18th and 19th centuries, this was a bigger worry for people. In some cases, people had safety coffins constructed, which permitted communication with the outside world should a person revive once buried. A safety coffin was a low-tech device. It had a cord inside the coffin that was attached to a bell on the outside. In more elaborate models, breathing tubes were also installed.