A Deserted Park Ave. at Union Square

Deadly Hurricane Irene unleashed its raw fury in New York City last night. Not sure what I would see when I awoke this morning, I was prepared for the worst. After days of anxiety, “The Hurricane” had finally past. It was over, and in its wake, the city was rebuilding.

At first glance, life seemed to be returning to normal, with locals out having a leisurely Sunday stroll. Yet, there was a tension in the air. Everyone had cameras in hand, hoping to document the destruction; yet, it was frustratingly difficult to find any obvious damage!

The streets were eerily quiet as a gentle mist dampened the hair of these roving bands of amateur photographers. Then, pay dirt! Down the street, a fallen tree limb had dented a car! The police had cordoned off the area as city crews assessed the situation and nervous residents were being consoled by an emergency preparedness grief counselor. Amid this chaos, a dozen local residents circled with cameras and phones.

In Union Square, the squirrels and pigeons had survived and were busily scavenging for food. Moreover, the hardiest of the local restaurateurs were reopening for brunch. Yes, New York had withstood earthquake and hurricane in a single week.