This weekend the weather in Berlin was perfect: sunny, warm, and clear. I took advantage of the unusually warm weather by cycling to the Britzer Garten. The Britzer Garten is about 9 kilometers (5.5 miles) from my house and makes for a good workout. The Britzer isn’t just a garden, but a large park (90 hectares or 222 acres) with a lake, small railway, cafes, restaurants, art works, and animals.

In the spring there’s a famous tulip festival, and in the summer and fall, there are rhododendron and dahlia festivals. And throughout the year, there are other activities, including a pumpkin festival, music concerts, horticultural classes, and an Oktoberfest.

After my visit today, I think I’ve seen just about every kind of dahlia. I was awash in a sea of dahlia’s. Personally, I’ve always had trouble growing dahlias. But after seeing these glorious flowers, I’m determined to give them another chance. Perhaps, the Maine climate will be more agreeable than the climate of California.