Eel and Forceps

Yes, it’s true. Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. According to the story, a Chinese man was bathing with lives eels, hoping that the eels would eat the layers of dead skin, making his skin more youthful-looking. This type of treatment is similar to those pedicure procedures that were all the rage a few years ago, in which fish eat away the dead skin off people’s feet.

The Chinese man was bathing (apparently naked) with the eels when he felt a sharp pain. He quickly realized that a 6-inch eel had entered this penis and was wriggling up through his urethra. He tried to pull the eel out but its tiny body was too slippery to hold, and it disappeared up his penis and into his bladder. Luckily, the eel was removed and the man suffered no permanent damage. According to parasitology studies conducted at Kansas State University, there are bacteria, viruses, and even some types of parasitic catfish that have been known to invade the human urethra, often while humans are urinating into a body of water.

So next time you think of urinating into a body of water, think again.