View of Melbourne Skyline From Southbank
A Turkey in the Window on Little Collins Street
is the Closest Thing to Thanksgiving
in Melbourne

It’s Thanksgiving Day! In Australia, it’s just another day: no festivities, no turkey, and alas no pumpkin pie. Here are some photos I took on this uneventful day in Melbourne. 

Collins St., 5 p.m. (National Gallery of Victoria) by Melbourne Artist
John Brack. Describing the ritualized drudgery
of nine-to-five office work, Brack shows people
leaving work and walking along Collins St. toward trams and 
trains that will take them home. Brack is also commenting on Melbourne’s homogeneous society of the 1950s. Australia’s immigration policy favored people of Anglo-Saxon descent and excluded people deemed “less desirable.” 
Modern Street Sculpture on Collins St.
An obvious reference to Brack’s Painting
Tram Signage. Beware of those
Runaway Streetcars
Street Sign.
Dame Edna Place is located just off Little Collins Street here in 
her home town of Melbourne. This is no ordinary street sign.
Her name is in lights. Dame Edna would expect no less!