Secluded Corner

Melbourne is a very livable city. There are bicycle paths, jogging trails, plenty of opportunities for water sports, and lots of green open spaces. One of the nice discoveries this visit to Melbourne has been Fitzroy Gardens. It’s a 15 minute walk from Melbourne’s Central Business District (CBC) and just a few minutes from our apartment. Designed in the classic English style but with subtropical vegetation, Fitzroy Gardens is an ideal place to unwind after work or a great place to start your day. It reminds me of my carefree childhood in Southern California.

Two White Parrots
Being Affectionate

The strong scent of freshly cut grass and the occasional whiff of jasmine pervades the air. During the early morning hours, I really enjoy the chatter of parrots and other birds. 

The park isn’t particularly big or unique, but there’s something meditative, almost serene that makes this space comfortable and inviting. There are meadows to play sport, quiet nodes to read a book, play areas for children, and even an excellent cafe and restaurant to catch a quick bite. The park’s unassuming style makes it a wonderful neighborhood escape.

The Faries’ Tree

Melbourne’s cultural attractions, diversity, temperate climate, and green open spaces makes me think that Melbourne might be a great place to live.