Correction:  The Yuban I’m referring to in this posting is Yuban Premium.  I bought the regular Yuban and it was Awful!!! (Jan. 31, 2012)

When it comes to coffee, I’m a snob, plain and simple. I like a good cup of coffee. Generally, the more expensive the brand, the better it is (that’s what I thought, at least). No instant crap for me or any of that mass-marketed stuff like Folgers or Hills Brothers. I usually buy Peets, Coffee By Design (local Maine Roaster), or Jim’s Organic. However, while visiting Kansas (one of the flyover US States) over the holiday’s, I had to eat my words.

Kansas, and especially Western Kansas, isn’t known for its coffee culture, and finding a good cup of coffee is next to impossible. So when I was offered a cup of Yuban Coffee, I decided to be polite and drink the swill. But to my surprise, the Yuban was excellent. It was just as good as the more expensive brands, if not better. I even had a second cup, just like in the old TV commercials.

It just goes to show that it’s never too late to reexamine deeply ingrained stereotypes and prejudices. Just because something is cheaper and mass-marketed, doesn’t necessarily make it bad.