The Wiggles are a world famous Australian children’s music group. The four members include a Blue Wiggle, a Red Wiggle, a Purple Wiggle, and a Yellow Wiggle. However, not even the Wiggles are guaranteed job security. Yellow Wiggle Sam Moran was recently fired from his position as the Wiggles lead singer, and rumors about his termination are making front page headlines in Australia.

Mr. Moran joined the group in 2006, replacing Yellow Wiggle Greg Page, who had to leave the job to recover from a serious illness. Now, five years later, Mr. Page has been re-hired. In a statement from Blue Wiggle Anthony Field, Mr. Moran was described as a “hired hand” who was no longer needed. The real reason for Mr. Moran’s departure is probably about money. The original three Wiggles are reported to split the band’s annual earnings of approximately $28.5 million while Mr. Moran earned about $180,000 (less than 1 percent of the band’s total). When Moran asked for a raise in salary, he was let go. Apparently, even in Children’s entertainment, it’s a ruthless world. 

What I find fascinating is how the band handled Mr. Moran’s departure. I have included a recent interview from the Today Show. In the interview, Blue Wiggle Anthony Field came across as an evasive disingenuous jerk!. Mr. Field couldn’t even answer a simple question about the circumstances involving Mr. Moran’s departure. Shame on you Wiggles! Your greed and arrogance really comes across. It’s a shame that one of Australia’s beloved music groups have tarnished their image with something that could have been handled better. Bottom line, the Wiggles treated Mr. Moran badly!