Most people can’t wait to get off the plane after a long flight, but for some travelers staying at the Jumbo Hostel in Stockholm is the destination in itself.

Welcome aboard the world’s first Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet converted into a reasonably priced hotel for the discerning traveler. Jumbo Hostel is only a 3 minute ride from the terminals at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport and is perfect for anyone catching an early flight.

Most of the plane’s interior has been gutted and converted into a modern Swedish-inspired hotel. The hotel boasts 27 rooms, with 75 beds. It offers standard guest rooms, budget-priced dormitory style rooms, and even a luxury suite (the converted cockpit with a panoramic view of the airport). The hotel has a cafe and snack bar, as well as an observation deck built along the top of the jet’s left wing, allowing guests to view the airport’s taxi-way. The 747’s upper deck, which was used as the first-class lounge, is still there with the original seats and serving areas. You can even order a standard airline meal (not sure I’m up for that). 

It has me sold. The next time I’m in Stockholm, I staying here for a truly unique and affordable experience.