An Occupy Wall Street Protester
at Union Square
A simple, yet elegant black frock that can be worn for both day and night.

A Park Gate Near the
Metropolitan Museum of Art

Street art in New York City takes many guises: monuments, sculptures, fountains, and of course buildings. But street art can also be clothing, fashion models being photographed, actors being filmed, or just about anything. Here are a few examples of street art taken on my recent trip to New York City. 

Fashion Model Striking Just the Right Pose
A Really Beautiful Public Restroom Near Central Park 
(Inside is clean too!)
An Upper East Side Town House
Ready for Spring

A Temporary Art Installation
at Union Square:
Gran Elefandret 2008
Miquel Barcelo
Actors Resting Between Takes of
Law & Order
Bird Sculpture Outside Upper West Side
Subway Station