On the Street Where I Live!

After a long absence, I’m back in Berlin; and as usual, gentrification continues on in Friedrichshain. Just a few years ago, the derelict buildings, graffiti, and homeless people dominated the streets. Today, there are upscale restaurants, posh cafes, trendy shops, and plenty of women pushing baby strollers. Hard to believe that Friedrichshain is now hip; and I live there, the most un-hip person around. 

Even the neighborhood subway station (S-Bahn, Warschauer Straße) is undergoing a change. The station hasn’t been renovated since shortly after the Second World War. At last, there will be an elevator, making it easier to carry luggage out of the station. Hallelujah! 

One new addition to the food scene is a small no frills restaurant with the catchy name, No Hablo Espanol. It specializes in burritos made in the “San Francisco Style” (I’m not sure what that means, but it did entice me to try a burrito.)

The burritos at this restaurant aren’t traditional, but what they lack in authenticity, they make up for in taste. I tried the Indian burrito, made with tofu (chicken is also available) in an Indian curry sauce. The burrito was delicious and inventive, combining Mexican and Indian cuisine in one dish! I will definitely try this place again. 

No Hablo Espanol has been open since February. They have limited seating but takeaway is always an option. Vegan burritos are also available. No Hablo Espanol is located at Kopernikusstr. 22 – 10245 Berlin.