The Entrance to a Temporary Exhibition
is Guarded by Game Hero’s

Although computer games aren’t my thing, I couldn’t resist visiting Berlin’s Computer Game Museum (Computer Spiele Museum). A short walk from my apartment and easily accessible by subway, the Museum has over 300 exhibits and is very interactive.

From Pong to the Sims, the Museum traces the history and development of computer games, and shows how computer games have revolutionized society and technology. Computer games are probably the most innovative art form of the 20th century, and now there is a Museum devoted exclusively to them.   

Portrait of
William Ralph “Will” Wright
“Father of the Sims”

Located on Karl-Marx-Allee, the East German socialist boulevard with its wedding-cake style buildings, the Museum seems out of place amid the old Stalinist architecture. Nevertheless, the day I visited, the Museum was full of enthusiastic visitors.