Relax at Schleusenkrug

It feels like summer in Berlin. And all this warm weather can only mean one thing-beer. My favorite beer garden in Berlin is the Zenner in Treptower Park. Located on a river, the Zenner is off the beaten path for most tourists, but it’s always great fun, especially on Saturday afternoons, when it hosts a “Schlager Party” (cheesy German pop/folk music). The people at the Zenner are ultra friendly, and after a few beers and dancing, even the most depressed person is cheered up. 

In addition to the Zenner, there are two other very popular beer gardens in Berlin that are worth a visit. Although not as entertaining as the Zenner, the Schleusenkrug and Cafe am Neuen See  definitely have their pluses. Both are located in the Tiergarten, Berlin’s version of NYC’s Central Park, and both have excellent subway and bus connections.

Cafe am Neuen See

Cafe am Neuen See is the more picturesque of the two. It overlooks a small lake with plenty of trees for shade. It’s usually packed on the weekends, making for a festive and friendly atmosphere. Unfortunately, there’s no music and the throngs of tourists may discourage people from visiting. 

Schleusenkrug, on the other hand, may not be as scenic as Cafe am Neuen See, but the place is more relaxed with a healthy mix of tourists and locals. The food is quite good, and its moderate size makes for more intimate conversations. So on a warm day, take a stroll to a beer garden and do what most Berliners do-drink beer.