There are so many events each weekend in Berlin that it’s difficult to keep track, let alone attend any of them. This holiday weekend, Berlin hosts the 17th Annual Karneval der Kulturen. This is one of Berlin’s biggest events of the year, and it focuses on the Latino and Asian communities of Berlin. This four day event has a street parade on Sunday and fair ground with plenty of music, dancing, food, and drink.

“Subculture” Participants Walking in the Parade

However, a smaller and less well-know event is also occurring this weekend: The Carnival of Subculture. It’s the alternative to the more traditional Karneval der Kulturen, and its theme is the elimination of racism, sexism and homophobia. I discovered this “Carnival” completely by accident as I was riding my bike this morning. Although not as festive as the Karneval der Kulturen, the participants are just as energetic. 

Notice that the Banner is in English and Spanish, not German
This “Float” is comprised of Household Pots and Pans