June 27th is Siebenschläfertag (Seven Sleepers Day) in Germany. It’s similar to Groundhog Day in the United States. The weather on this day is supposed to determine the average weather for the next seven weeks. Luckily, as a weather predictor, Siebenschläfertag is rarely accurate. That’s good news, since the weather for Wednesday will be cloudy, cool, and wet. (There will be a break on Friday when it will be hot and humid.) In fact, June has felt more like winter or spring than summer. It’s almost July, and I’m wearing a sweater and jacket! 

Many people assume that Siebenschläfertag refers to the edible dormouse, a rodent known as Siebenschläfer, but the day actually commemorates a German legend. In ancient Rome, the edible dormouse was eaten as a snack, hence the word edible in its name. Today, the edible dormouse is considered a delicacy and eaten primarily in Slovenia.