New York City is very expensive, but, during the summer months, there are a number of activities that the public can enjoy for free. For example, Bryant Park, located next to the NYC’s Public Library, hosts weekly Tai Chi, yoga, fencing, dancing, juggling, and foreign language classes – all conducted on a drop-in basis and for free.

In addition, on Thursdays from 12:30 – 1:30, there is Broadway in Bryant Park, an hour-long presentation featuring some of Broadway’s popular shows and performed by cast members. The day I visited, songs from Stomp, Phantom of the Opera, Spider-Man, and Porgy and Bess were featured. The audience sat at picnic tables, on chairs, or brought their own blankets to enjoy the entertainment while eating lunch. I’m not particularly fond of Broadway show tunes, but the audience enthusiasm was so addictive that I was able to have a good time anyway.