Last April, the New York Times announced that visitors to would only be able to access 10 free articles a month, down from 20. The New York Times access policy was put into effect last year as a way to generate additional revenue.

People who want to read the New York Times have to pay for it. It sounds like a reasonable policy and good financial move. But the monthly subscription was too high for my budget ($15-$35), and with an almost unlimited supply of other free news sources, why pay? As a result, I no longer read the Times.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not opposed to online subscription services, but they need to be affordable. In the case of the New York Times, I think they overpriced their product. Nevertheless, for anyone with a bit of tech savvy, the NYTimes paywall is a minor inconvenience and is easily circumvented. For example, by deleting all the cookies for NYTimes. com, you can read an unlimited number of articles for free; or easier yet, just use Chrome in Incognito mode or Firefox in Private Browsing mode, and bypass the paywall altogether. In my case, I’ve given up on the Times and started reading the Guardian