The radio station MDR 1 and the Sächsische Zeitung (Saxony Newspaper) recently conducted a poll to find out the most popular Saxon word for 2012. The word “Ditschen” (to dunk, as in, to dunk a cookie in milk) was number 1. In second place was the word “Plämpe” for a bad drink, and in third place “Hitsche” for footrest. You won’t find these words in a standard German dictionary since these are considered slang and used exclusively in Saxony (Leipzig and Dresden).

Like many languages, German has a variety of dialects. Words used in one region may be completely unknown in another. For example, my favorite Berlin word is “mampfen,” meaning to nosh or munch. Although this word can be found in a German Dictionary, it is primarily used in Berlin and Brandenburg.

I wonder what my favorite English word is.  Ummm. I need to think about that.