When I saw the headline: “Meat Loaf Backs Romney, citing the candidate’s ‘backbone’.” I thought, this must be a joke. I can only wonder what Meat Loaf has been smoking. 

If ever a candidate lacked backbone, it’s Mr. Romney. His position on the issues changes hourly (health care, abortion, gays, foreign policy, economy, etc.) depending on the audience. And his ability to pander to the lowest common denominator would be comical, if it weren’t so effective at getting votes. 

For example, although I didn’t vote for Mr. McCain during the last election, one of his shining moments came when he corrected a woman at a town hall meeting after she called Obama an “avowed Muslim.” Mr. McCain took the microphone and told her that Mr. Obama was a decent family man that he disagreed with on the fundamental issues. The was the decent and right thing to do. 

By contrast, during a Question and Answer period, a woman told Mr. Romney that she believed Pres. Obama should be tried for treason (a capital offense). Mr. Romney ignored the comment and talked about the sanctity of the US Constitution. His silence says it all.