On Saturday the weather was terrible, and I spent most of the day indoors doing chores and catching up on work. I rarely watch TV these days, but when it rains, I give myself permission to engage in some relaxing entertainment like TV. I was lucky and found Singing in the Rain, known in Germany as Du Sollst Mein Glücksstern Sein (You Should Be My Lucky Star).

I had never seen the movie, and it was weird watching it dubbed into German (fortunately, the songs remained in their original version). Interestingly, the transition between the dubbed German dialog and the American songs was done really well. I didn’t notice a difference. It’s how I would imagine Debbie Reynolds and Gene Kelly to sound like in German. In the movie, one of the character’s, played by Jean Hagen, has a strong Brooklyn accent. Somehow, the German actress dubbing Ms. Hagen’s voice managed to convey what a Brooklyn accent would sound like in German. She did a great job. Now, I can’t wait to see the original American version.