In German, if you want to say something is tasty, you might use any of the following words: herzhaft, schmackhaft or fein. You could even use a word such as toll (great), prima (super), schön (nice), or the English word super. However, I like to use the word lecker, a word derived from the Dutch word lekker. To my ears, lecker conveys the meaning of something that is really tasty. For example, “Der Schokoladenkuchen ist lecker.” (The chocolate cake is tasty.) 

However, lecker isn’t universally used in the German speaking world. For example, the Swiss rarely use it. They prefer fein. And in the former East Germany, lecker was never used. Lecker or “tasty” conveyed a bourgeois and capitalist lifestyle, a word incompatible with the ideals of socialism.