I’ve tried to avoid news about the recent Connecticut school shootings. I’ve heard it all before and nothing ever changes. It’s a tragic commentary on the state of our country. Today, as I was waiting for a haircut, I overheard an unsettling conversation between two men discussing the fine points of ammunition. (They sounded to be hunters.)

According to them, the school shootings have resulted in ammo becoming hard to get. There’s been a run on the stuff as people stockpile it in fear of future government restrictions! One fellow boasted that he had 50,000 rounds stored in his house in case of an emergency, and the other guy offered to buy 10,000 rounds right then and there. His offer was politely refused.

They both spoke in hushed tones, and lamented that the government would likely impose stricter limits on the sale of ammunition and perhaps impose higher taxes on it! One mentioned a friend in New Hampshire who had over 500 guns and rifles, and the problems he was facing. Perhaps, this kind of paranoia and veneration for weapons is the reason political action is so difficult, and why I expect nothing to change.