Billiard Area in the Turkish Airlines
Business Class Lounge

No one disputes that air travel isn’t what it used to be. It seems there’s been a race to the bottom among the US airlines in providing comfort and service to its customers. In the past, when I had the opportunity to visit a Business Class Lounge, it was a real treat; but these days, the Business Class Lounge offers little more than coffee and a few mediocre snacks, at best. Sure there’s Wi-Fi (if it’s up and running), and it’s sometimes a quiet refuge from the chaos of the airport, but it sure isn’t plush. 

On the other hand, if I ever have the opportunity to visit Istanbul, I intend to fly on Turkish Airlines and splurge for Business Class-just to visit the lounge. According to many frequent flyers, the Istanbul Business Class lounge is the best in the world. With phenomenal food, open bar, first class business center, kids play area, quiet room, and even billiard tables, Turkish Airlines knows how to make travel enjoyable.