I stay at a lot of hotels, and my biggest complaint is not the cleanliness, the comfort of the beds, or size of the room. That’s generally not a problem. Most moderately priced hotels provide adequate if not good service. 

My biggest complaint is the printing (labeling) on the complimentary shampoo, hair conditioner, and body lotion provided by the hotels. It’s too small to read. Even with glasses, it’s sometimes difficult to read. I don’t know how many times, I’ve mistaken the hair conditioner for the shampoo or the body lotion for the conditioner.

Hotels spend millions of dollars on amenities to make their guests feel at home. Why not spend a little of that money on product identification? The name and logo of the hotel always seems to be legible. As I’ve said many a time, it’s the little things in life that differentiate the good from the merely adequate.