I’ve used TurboTax to file my federal and state taxes for years without any problem. It has been fast, efficient, and moderately inexpensive. This year my TurboTax experience has been frustrating. A small glitch in the software program almost prevented me from filing my state taxes electronically.

Because I was unable to remove a “0” from the Schedule 1, line 3, the tax return could not be filed. It didn’t matter that the “0” was in the spouse column (I’m single), and that the “0” did not affect the tax, the program would not let me file.

The TurboTax (Intuit) help desk was useless, and the override function on the program ineffective. I was only able to remedy the problem after a time consuming Internet search. I will definitely think twice before using TurboTax again. 

To fix the problem:

  • click the override function (right mouse click) while hovering on line 3, spouse column;
  • enter a random number in line 3;
  • close the TurboTax program;
  • re-start the TurboTax program;
  • start the tax filing process again;
  • when prompted, delete the random number;
  • click transmit.
Now, your taxes will be transmitted and filed.