Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff
demonstrating the Caxirola

Move over Vuvuzela, Brazil has introduced the Caxirola, a small percussion instrument that will be used at next year’s World Cup. Made of recycled plastic, the Caxirola produces a harmonious rattling sound when shaken.

Is the Vuvuzela a Thing of the Past?

As you may recall, the Vuvuzela became a symbol of the 2010 World Cup. It was also controversial when its loud buzzing sound annoyed football fans around the world. The 3-foot plastic horn reportedly put out an ear-aching 127 decibels of sound. And when thousands of them were blown at the same time, players and viewers had trouble hearing the announcements. The sport’s governing board, FIFA, even considered banning the Vuvuzela from stadiums after studies suggested it could cause permanent hearing loss. By contrast, the meek Caxirola is said to be soft and pleasant sounding.