Southern Maine is known for its scenic coastlines, wonderful seafood, and its burgeoning foodie culture; however, when it comes to Mexican food, this part of the USA hasn’t a clue. Therefore, I was surprised to learned of a new (and reportedly authentic) Mexican restaurant located in Falmouth. (After eating there, I think “Mexican-inspired” might describe it better.) 

Bueno Loco features interesting and rather unique “Mexican” dishes, which include gluten free and vegan options. The chef is Russian who learned his trade while visiting Guatemala, Belize, and the Yucatan. The day I visited, I tried the Bueno Burrito. Overall, the dish was tasty and rather filling. The ingredients included a nice mixture of black, kidney, and pinto beans, shredded turkey, rice, fresh greens, and vegetables. In addition, the accompanying chips were just right, crisp and not too salty. Unfortunately, what they called a “burrito” was spectacularly bland, even by Maine standards! Moreover, the service was slow.  

Bottom line: if you want real Mexican food, you won’t find it at Bueno Loco. Nevertheless, Bueno Loco is a satisfactory dining option for those of you looking for something different.