Bewitched was an American television series that ran from 1964-1972. It was one of my favorite shows. It continues to play in re-runs, and is currently on Me-TV in Portland at 8:00 PM. Surprisingly, the show still holds up.

Perhaps, the biggest controversy on the show was the switch of Darrins. Dick York played Darrin from 1964-1969 until Dick Sargent replaced him. The phrase “Darrin Syndrome” (AKA “The Other Darrin”) comes from the show. It’s a term for replacing a character on a TV show without explanation. It happens a lot on TV shows, but in the case of the character Becky in the series Roseanne, there were jokes about the switch. In one episode, the family was watching Bewitched on TV when the actress Sarah Chalke (the second Becky) remarked that she preferred the second Darrin.