The Millau Viaduct

Last week, Berlin experienced a heat wave. (This week, it’s cold and rainy.) On Thursday, the day after President Obama’s visit to Berlin, the city had a high of 36°C (97°F). Luckily, I had booked a mini vacation to the south of France and was able to escape the blistering heat. The trip was wonderful: good food, excellent wine, friendly people, and joie de vivre. (I had a croissant and coffee every morning. I was in heaven!)

The Millau Bridge as
compared to the Eiffel Tower

One site that I visited was the Millau Viaduct near the charming city of Millau. The Millau Viaduct is the world’s tallest bridge (270 meters or 890 ft), and it’s absolutely amazing. The two visitor centers detail the engineering feats that went into its construction, which took just 4 years to build. The surrounding countryside and the city of Millau reminded me of Switzerland. All that was missing were the snow covered alps.  

On the negative side, my plane ride was less than ideal. Air France has succumbed to the nickle and dime approach to revenue generation. My ticket (not cheap) did not permit a checked bag and my total carry-on items were subject to a 20 kilo weight limit, which Air France strictly adhered to. I was stopped two times on my way to the boarding gate to have my bag and small satchel carefully weighed (11 kilos). 

Millau on a quiet Sunday afternoon