Vollkornbäckerei Hartwich

Last weekend while in France, I was able to indulged my appetite for croissants, but here in Berlin, trying to find a good croissant is difficult, if not impossible. So today, I tried my luck on the Internet. I typed, “Best Croissants in Berlin,” and discovered, to my surprise, that number 2 on Yelp’s best croissants list was Vollkornbäckerei Hartwich, just around the corner from where I live. 

Café Des Négociants

Clemont L’Herault

I had high expectations. The reviews seemed promising, the photos enticing, and the price reasonable. Unfortunately, Vollkornbäckerei Hartwich was a big disappointment. A good croissant should be light, almost feather-like. The crust should have a pale golden color that is crisp and flaky; and, above all, the ideal croissant should have a buttery and slightly sweet taste. The croissants at VH were dark brown, heavy, and bland! It just proves that if you want a good croissant, you need to go to France.