Monuments to Gorbachev, Bush, and Kohl
“United Enemies”
Thomas Schütte
Courtyard of the Berggruen Museum

Ravaged by two world wars and divided during the cold war, Berlin’s public art is a 20th century lesson in political science. Here are a few examples.  

Located on Leipzigerstr., this mural adorns
the former Reich Ministry of
Aviation. Built in 1935/36, the building
is a great example of Fascist architecture.
The mural was added in 1950 and
depicts the “ideal” socialist state under the DDR. 

Reflecting the ideals
of the DDR, this
mural is located near Alexanderplatz
Statute Willy Brandt.
Located at the Headquarters of
Social Democratic Party in Berlin
“Tindaro” 1997
Igor Mitoraj
Located at the Foreign Ministry