von Stauffenberg

On July 20th, Germany observed the 69th anniversary of the most famous assassination attempt on Hitler. The plot known as Operation Valkyrie was organized and carried out by German military officers, the most well-known being Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg. (The event is depicted in a somewhat realistic movie starring Tom Cruise). Today, Stauffenberg is seen as symbol of courage and freedom.    

Floral Bouquets decorate the
Memorial to German Resistance courtyard on
the anniversary of the July 20th assassination attempt

If the July 20th plot had been successful, Germany would have surrendered earlier and thousands of lives spared. As it was, Hitler’s policy of total war resulted in the ultimate destruction and division of Germany. Visitors can visit the Memorial to German Resistance and see the location where Stauffenberg and other members of the assassination plot were executed.