My House: Vivid Colors, 
Overabundant Mums and Impatiens,
a Fall Wreath, and a Big Pumpkin.

What does this say about Me?

Autumn in Portland is wonderful, and besides fall foliage, nothing announces the change of the seasons more than the way people decorate their front door, entryway, or porch.

People in the Maine are anxious to celebrate the transition from summer to autumn by decorating the outside of their houses with the familiar images of the season: fall wreaths; pumpkins; gourds; mums; and Halloween props. For me, the fall is an opportunity to add a little punch to the entryway, and it also helps chase away the autumn blues that accompany the shorter days. 

How we chose to decorate our entryways reflects our personalities and how we want the world to see us.  Show me your entryway and I can tell you what you are.  

Here are some houses I found in the West End. What do these homes tell you about the occupants?

Sparse Symmetry
and a bit Cold
A Row of Orderly
and Size Appropriate Pumpkins
all Neatly Arranged

An Understated Design with Mums and Pumpkins:
Neatly arranged and color coordinated

Dramatic Halloween Window Display, Pumpkins,
Mums, Gourds, and Fall Plants.

Unconventional, Quirky, and Warm

A Study in Orange:
Stylish, Subdued
and Careful 
Carefully Thought Design:
Scarecrow, Barrel, Pumpkin,
and Horn-of-Plenty Wreath.

Symmetrical, Sentimental, 
 Subdued, and Conventional 

Stark, Cold, and Lonely
Classic American: A
Flag, Mums, and Pumpkins.

Sentimental, Conventional,
Whimsical, Generous, Humorous, and Quirky 

Clever Design using Grasses,
Mums and a Pumpkin. A Modest

Entryway that belies a Creative Occupant?

Orderly Pumpkins
that have become

Full of Fun
Don’t Forget Me