Back in the 1960’s and 70’s, Thrifty Drug Store sold everything from household detergents to cosmetics. It was the Walgreen’s of its day. The chain no longer exists, but I still have vivid memories of it, especially its ice cream.

As a kid I could get a scoop of Thrifty’s ice cream for five cents, a double for ten, and a triple for fifteen. Each store had a stand inside selling pre-packaged ice creams by the pint or quart and a walk up counter where you could buy a cone. My favorite was a double chocolate chip. Yummy!

When the Thrifty chain was sold to Rite Aid in 1996, Rite Aid continued to have Thrifty’s ice cream stands at some of their stores. Today, I was reminded of Thrifty’s legendary ice cream when I visited a local Rite Aid. Alas, a single cone now costs $1.79, an increase of 3,480% since 1970. (The US inflation rate for the same period was a mere 502.8%.)