The detritus of love gone wrong: an unworn garter belt, a love letter, a mountain of shattered glass. This is Zagreb’s newest museum, the Museum of Broken RelationshipsLocated in an 18th century palace, the setting of so many 18th and 19th century Gothic and romantic novels, the museum was an instant success when it opened in 2010.

The museum contains a collection of objects donated by people who have broken up. Each item has an accompanying story. Some are amusing, others sarcastic, and a few are just heartbreaking.

One room contains exhibits about casual or long-distance relationships that didn’t work out, and another is dedicated to relationships where one partner died. There’s even a rage and fury room containing items that are mostly torn and broken. For example, there’s a car mirror on display. A woman broke it off her boyfriend’s car when she saw it parked in front of another woman’s house. More extreme, hanging on a wall is an ax and next to it is a sign explaining its relevance (a jilted lover used it to chop her ex’s furniture into bits). And while the premise of the museum is ironic and even morbid, I think it reveals insight into something everyone experiences at some point in their life.