France has produced some very funny and engaging movies over the years, including 8 Women (2002), Amelie (2001), and The Closet (2001). I recently saw two delightful movies from La Belle France that don’t demand much except an open heart. 

Haute Cuisine (2012) (Les Saveurs du Palais, original title) is a charming and mouthwatering movie about the French president’s first female chef. Based on a true story, Haute Cuisine is a tasty morsel that leaves you salivating over the scrumptious french dishes that fill the screen. And although Haute Cuisine has subplots involving sexism and politics, it’s foremost a movie about food. 

Populaire (2102)

Populaire (2012) evokes the Rock Hudson and Doris Day movies of the early 1960’s. It’s a predictable romantic comedy with vibrant colors, snazzy pop music, and vintage clothes. Who cares about the implausible plot, the contrived situations, and stereotypical characters. Populaire is just fun.