Brisbane has a reputation for being cultureless, but nothing could be further from the truth. Brisbane has a lively arts scene, wonderful neighborhoods, great cafes, fabulous restaurants, and one of the best museums in Australia, the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA). Every time I visit the GOMA, there’s something new and exciting. This time I was completely blown away by Rivane Neuenschwander’s Contingent.

Contingent is a ten minute video that presents a map of the world rendered in honey and consumed by a swarm of ants. As the honey ‘continents’ gradually erode and landmasses become fragmented islands, Neuenschwander’s cartography is shown to be mutable and transient. Neuenschwander is telling us that the health of the world is contingent on the rate of consumption, played out in the video by the ever-decreasing number of ants able to access a diminishing supply of food.

My Monument: White Forest (2008)
Kathy Temin

Kathy Temin’s My Monument: White Forest is also interesting. It invites visitors into a fantasy realm of white fur trees. As I wandered through the white forest maze, I lost track of time and space. I felt isolated, yet completely at ease. Is Temin’s artificial park illusion or a reflection of reality?