Me and the Flies

Flies! That is the memory that I will take away from my visit to Kangaroo Island. The travel guides don’t mention the flies that seem to be everywhere. Locals characterize the swarms as everything from “shocking” to “usual for December.” 

Taking a hike is nerve-racking and eating outdoors is miserable. The moment you step outside, they descend on you by the scores. They buzz around your face and settle on your back. Looking at a group of people in the distance, you see them waving their hands around. If you didn’t know they were frantically swatting at flies, you might think that everyone on this island was engaged in passionate conversations using hand signals.

Remarkable Rocks
Admirals Arch

Don’t get me wrong. Kangaroo Island is a very interesting place. Close to half of the island is either natural brush land or national park. It’s surrounded by pristine waters, and contains arid landscapes and lush eucalyptus forests. KI is home to 15,000 kangaroos, 6,000 seals, 5,000 koalas, numerous dolphins, and 600 rare Australian sea lions; but clearly the dominant species is the fly.