Along the River Torrens

Adina Hotel (Btm Left)
at Victoria Square

My heart sank as I glanced out the airplane window. We were landing in Adelaide and the arid landscape reminded me of central California. (I’ve had enough of central California to last a lifetime.) The taxi ride to the hotel confirmed my initial impression. Instead of the lively pedestrian-filled sidewalks of Melbourne and Sydney, the streets of Adelaide appeared empty. We drove past sprawling suburbs of cookie-cutter houses and strip malls. It appeared that our time in Adelaide would be pretty drab.

Two Galahs

However, things turned around when we reached our hotel, a former treasury building that manages to combine modern design without sacrificing architectural significance. The rooms are so large you can get lost in them, and there’s a gorgeous garden courtyard with a beautiful fountain.

Adelaide is an easily navigable city with next to no traffic jams, and a city center where everything is within easy walking distance of everything else. Moreover, there’s a beautiful green belt of parkland beside the River Torrens that runs right through the middle of the city where you can enjoy the outdoors. Here, I saw flocks of Galahs (a type of cockatoo with a rose-pink head and neck) roosting in the trees.

Enjoying Rundle Mall
Another Person Enjoying Rundle Mall

However, what I like most about Adelaide was its unpretentious and laid-back character. Although I wouldn’t fly halfway around the world just to visit Adelaide, the city was refreshing after all the attitude of Sydney and Melbourne.

Dangerous Birds of Bodega Bay

Dangerous Birds
of Adelaide