Jester, Pirate, Spiderman?
Digging Machine with Christmas Tree

Forlorn Santa

Put some tinsel on a digging machine and you got yourself a float for the Christmas parade. Pirates, Spiderman, and Court Jester on a Christmas float. Why not! Such is the Christmas parade in Kingscote, Kangaroo Island. What the parade lacked in sophistication was made up for in enthusiasm. Watching from our hotel balcony, you couldn’t help but smile at the ad hoc mixture of costumes and participants parading down the street as 45 km/h winds and rains tried to dampen the holiday spirit. It all seemed fitting on our last full day on Kangaroo Island.  

I Just Arrived. How was I to Know?

Our visit to KI started out spectacularly promising. We saw dolphins swimming offshore, found an idyllic beach with clear turquoise water, and discovered a wonderful restaurant by the shore– all within an hour of landing. Unfortunately, nothing lived up to that first impression. The swarms of flies and hot weather made the visit miserable until the winds and rain provided some relief from the pesky insects on the last day. (Though it didn’t provide the best sightseeing weather.) KI can be summed up in what I said on the beach, “A fly went in my mouth. I spit it out, and it was still alive.”