Long Beach Skyline

I’m in Long Beach, California, but did I really leave Australia? Even though I see people driving on the right side of the road and hear American accents, it doesn’t feel much different! Palm trees line the streets, glistening new buildings dot the skyline, and beachwear is the order of the day.

Actually, Long Beach is my home town, but this Long Beach is different from the one I remember from the late 1970’s. Over the last 30 years, the city has transformed itself. The decaying downtown of my childhood has given way to fancy restaurants and trendy cafes. Entire sections of the city have been torn down and completely replaced by sleek modern architecture and landscaping (which I suspect is the reason it reminds me of Australia). Long Beach is no longer the sleepy and depressed place that I left.

Riding around town, I’m struck by its cultural vibrancy. Buildings once dedicated to manufacturing are now art galleries, music venues, and live performance stages. Like Paris and Berlin, Long Beach has even elevated the simple bicycle post into art. 

Coffee Cup in Front of a Cafe

Ice Cream Cone
for an Ice Cream Shop

Palm Tree Bicycle Posts
add Style to Hair Salon

Dine at a Diner
with Bicycle Post
A Guitar
for a Music Store
A Surf Board: SoCal
Beach Culture
A Bicyclist
Highlights the Many Bike Lanes
in Long Beach
in Front of a Fitness Studio
A Dog Treat
Welcomes Dogs to a Wash Salon

Vegetables in
Front of a Vegan Restaurant
Dragonfly Compliments
an Asian Restaurant